World of Need Scholarship:

World of Need offers financial assistance to students looking to participate in our Educational and Career development programs! We have quarterly scholarship giveaways for lucky qualifying students! The deadlines for submission are March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st.  One person will be selected each quarter and will be announced on the World of Need Instagram Page! Each scholarship recipient will receive a one-time grant of $500 that will go towards their World of Need program fee! Requirements are listed below:

Melanin on The Map Scholarship:


The World of Need x Melanin on The Map Scholarship aims to support and create opportunities to travel for people of color and provide financial assistance in participating in one of World of Needs Career development programs. The recipients of the World of Need x Melanin on the Map scholarship will receive a one-time grant that will go towards the winner's program experience with World of Need!

This year there will be 5 scholarships each in the amount of $500 awarded to Melanin on The Map Followers who are looking to travel abroad and take part in a World of Need experience! To qualify as a potential recipient you must do the following:


1. Follow both @worldofneed and @melaninonthemap on Instagram.

Instagram Links:

2. Create a story post tagging @worldofneed and @melaninonthemap telling us how the World of Need X Melanin on The Map Scholarship will help you move to the next stage in your career/education!


The deadline to post is April 31st, 2020.

Go Abroad


Go Abroad has a great resource to help you find a scholarship,
grant, or fellowship that is catered to your trip’s location and purpose.
Their website contains links to material about every aspect of your
trip: insurance (international health and traveler’s), airfare deals,
health and vaccination data, and cultural and tourist articles. Search
for grants and scholarships listed in Go Abroad’s database by
following the links on their page. Link:

The Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education includes some excellent
resources on their website to help you find scholarships, grants, and
fellowships that are targeted toward international students,
volunteers, and interns. Explore their website to find details about
awards that you can win. Link:


University of Minnesota


If you’re a student, one of the first things that you should do is check
with your university to see if they have resources for finding
scholarships for travel abroad programs. For example, the University
of Minnesota has a search for scholarships and grants for travelers.
However, you don’t have to be a U of M student. Click on the link
below to see if you can find a scholarship through this search, or
search your own university’s website for similar services. Link: